Athena Scholarship

Founded in 2002, the Athena Education Fund was created to acknowledge and reward local Berrien County students.  These young, high school students embody the altruistic spirit shared with The Women’s Service League.  The graduating seniors who have received this honor in past years comprehend the vital role that volunteering plays in every community.  Previous beneficiaries, as well as future recipients, should have a proven track record for integrating philanthropic work as part of their high school career.

Each year, The Athena Education Fund awards one $1,000 Educational Fund to one or more high school students in the senior year of study.  The student(s) awarded will have demonstrated a commitment to volunteerism through many avenues including school, church, private youth groups, community organizations and charities.  Preference will be given to females but males are eligible to apply.  Through this program, we hope to encourage every applicant to include philanthropic work as part of a life-long endeavor.

The History and Name of The Athena Scholarship

According to Greek Mythology, Athena, daughter of Zeus, is a fierce and brave protector who fights enemies to preserve the state and the home.  Athena is the goddess of her city because she embodies wisdom, reason and purity.  Her accomplishments represent strength, pride, bravery and resourcefulness.

Historically, Women’s Service League was a Greek organization named “Tau Sigma”, or "truth seekers".  In honor of this Greek heritage, and in keeping with the attributes of Athena, the name of our Education Fund reflects that of the strong females in our community and especially the original seven women who founded Women’s Service League.

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