Leadership & Members

2018-19 WSL Executive Board: from left, Sandie Lieberg (vice-president), Amy Nolan (secretary), Jennifer Mitchell (treasurer), and Mary LoPresti(president).

WSL is a not-for-profit organization of talented women committed to promoting volunteerism and improving our community through positive action and leadership.
Founded in 1931 by seven Sunday school girls, Women’s Service League (WSL) was originally a sorority named Tau Sigma, or truth seekers. The purpose of the group was service and aid to civic and charitable causes.

Annual community events like Operation Coats, the Great Estate Sale, and Charity Ball have become time-honored traditions for generations of residents. Newer efforts including beach clean ups and the Athena Scholarship program (which rewards graduating seniors who embody the heart of a volunteer) have supported WSL's growing commitment to philanthropic endeavors.

To date, countless organizations in Berrien County and beyond have benefitted from the tireless work of Women’s Service League as we have raised invaluable awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities in the great southwest.
If you're an adult female living in southwest Michigan and interested in joining a dynamic group of volunteers bent on improving Berrien County, look no further! We'd love to hear from you.

A HUGE THANK YOU to our past presidents

1932-1933    Mrs. Huge Vaske
1933-1934    Mrs. Lou Frolich
1934-1935    Mrs. John Williams
1935-1936    Mrs. Walter Virkus
1936-1937    Mrs. James Brookwalter
1937-1938    Mrs. Stanley Jacobs
1938-1939    Mrs. William Saltzmann
1939-1940    Mrs. Edgar Radesky
1940-1941    Mrs. Phillip Rakauski
1941-1942    Mrs. Harold Ray
1942-1943    Mrs. Millard Dean
1943-1944    Mrs. Frank Braniff
1944-1945    Mrs. Theo. Schultz
1945-1946    Mrs. Charles Forburger
1946-1947    Mrs. Joseph Fricke
1947-1948    Mrs. D.S. Bloom
1948-1949    Mrs. Charles Tibitts
1949-1950    Mrs. Irving Gelder
1950-1951    Mrs. Don C. Clark
1951-1952    Mrs. Dorothy Rabe
1952-1953    Mrs. Robert Van Antwerp
1953-1954    Mrs. K. Henry Anderson
1954-1955    Mrs. Eldon Smith
1955-1956    Mrs. Chester Wold
1956-1957    Mrs. Partrick Ryan
1957-1958    Mrs. William Eckert
1958-1959    Mrs. Paul Florin
1959-1960    Mrs. William Klum
1960-1961    Mrs. Robert Rose
1961-1962    Mrs. Marshall J. Feeley
1962-1963    Mrs. Burwell C. Carmichael
1963-1964    Mrs. Jack Bronfenbrenner
1964-1965    Mrs. John Manning
1965-1966    Mrs. Robert Garey
1966-1967    Mrs. Clarence Shaw
1967-1968    Mrs. Kent Hughes
1968-1969    Mrs. J. Dean Owen
1969-1970    Mrs. Edward Schalon
1970-1971    Mrs. John Netedu
1971-1972    Mrs. Gloria Pearson Pavlides
1972-1973    Mrs. Julian Hughes
1973-1974    Mrs. Charles Duncan
1974-1975    Mrs. Charles Worthington
1975-1976    Mrs. Henry Glesis
1976-1977    Mrs. Robert Molhoek
1977-1978    Mrs. John Pielemeier
1978-1979    Mrs. Allen Westmaas
1979-1980    Mrs. Robert Peirce
1980-1981    Mrs. William Johnson
1981-1982    Mrs. Richard Ward
1982-1983    Mrs. Andrew Takacs
1983-1984    Mrs. Alan McKee
1984-1985    Mrs. Harvey Johnson
1985-1986    Toni Dwan
1986-1987    Mrs. Barry Davis
1987-1988    Mrs. Thomas Eberly
1988-1989    Mrs. Michael Cook
1989-1990    Mrs. Thomas Eberly
1990-1991    Mrs. Roger Bittner
1991-1992    Mrs. Peter Johnson
1992-1993    Mrs. James (Pam) Clever
1993-1994    Mrs. Hillard (Shari) Friedman
1994-1995    Mrs. William (louise) Dillingham
1995-1996    Mrs. Michael (Liz) Garey
1996-1997    Mrs. Jeffery (Micki) Schmidt
1997-1998    Mrs. Timothy (Shelley) Sunday
1998-1999    Mrs. Charles (Robin) Ross
1999-2000    Mrs. James (Pam) Cottier
2000-2001    Mrs. William (Fran) Chickering
2001-2002    Mrs. Lynne Christiano
2002-2003    Mrs. Lynne Christiano
2003-2004    Mrs. Lori Boekeloo
2004-2005    Mrs. Kim Edinger
2005-2006    Mrs. Carol Klukas
2006-2007    Mrs. Kim LaSata
2007-2008    Mrs. Wendy Edwards
2008-2009    Mrs. Debbie Culby
2009-2010    Mrs. Dawn Williams
2010-2011    Mrs. Amy White
2011-2012    Mrs. Sarah Stocker
2012-2013    Mrs. Janet Sullivan
2013-2014    Mrs. Nicole Coar
2014-2015   Mrs. Karen Garlanger
2015-2017   Mrs. Jackie Flanagan
2017-2018   Mrs. Catherine Kirshenbaum